Expedition 2014

Joe Shemesh

Here at Expedition Class, it's been the official year of the cave. We're an adventurous appendage of the Bookend Trust's Sixteen Legs project. The Cave Search expedition was LIVE from 18th August - 12th September 2014 with new lessons and interactive links to the journey still active. Free for students and teachers worldwide.

Photo courtesy of Joe Shemesh.

Weekly quiz

Each week during the expedition there was a quiz based on the material covered in that week. Click below to test your cave skills.

Latest News

Mercury Learning page story 6 August 2014

merc 29 july 60Last week our newspaper partner, the Mercury, published an article on Cave Search, Cave ART and the upcoming exhibition at the Rosny Barn.

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School Visits Begin 27 May 2014

Free Tasmanian school visits began on Monday with Mrs Wickham's and Mrs Dow's classes at Bellerive Primary. Between now and the start of the expedition on 18th August about 2000 students will be convinced to be part of Cave Search.

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Remote marine debris clean-up LIVE now. 9 April 2014

The South West Marine Debris Clean-up is an annual event run by Matt Dell and a wonderful bunch of volunteers. For more than a decade now they have been the guardians of Tasmania's remote south west beaches as rubbish washes up beyond the gaze of civilisation.

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Cave ART


Selected Tassie high school students are part of the Cave ART program. There is also the Cave ART Open competition for our Cave Searching adventure learners.

Campbell Street Cave ART Kids

The Cave ART Open competition entries can be viewed HERE>>

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